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Deaf Cycling UK

Deaf Cycling UK was an initiative designed to promote safe cycling within the Deaf community while focusing on physical and mental well-being.
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Deaf Cycling Community Interest Project

Deaf Cycling UK was an initiative led by the ELREM Foundation CIC, with a mission to encourage safe cycling within the Deaf community, whilst promoting physical and mental well-being. This project was designed with a particular focus on the Deaf community and encompassed a range of offerings such as complimentary cycling proficiency courses, weekend ‘Meet & Ride’ sessions, and specialised cycling skills challenges.

Project Overview

Cycling Proficiency Courses

The Cycling Proficiency Courses took place at Bikeworks facilities in VeloPark, Stratford, East London, and were led by Deaf individuals and those proficient in BSL who were trained as cycle instructors. These courses aimed to provide a strong foundation for a lifetime of cycling.

Cycle for Life: Meet & Ride

The ‘Cycle for Life: Meet & Ride’ was a 12-week programme that ran from 10th July to 25th September 2022. This initiative offered weekend rides around the scenic Lee Valley Park, allowing participants to practise their newly-acquired cycling skills, make new friends, and keep active.

LVP Skills Challenge

The LVP Skills Challenge was a collaborative endeavour with Lee Valley Park, providing three exclusive sessions that utilised specialist cycling skills courses, including BMX, Mountain Bike, and Road Circuit courses.

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Success and Impact

The Deaf Cycling UK pilot programme successfully offered Deaf individuals an opportunity to learn safe cycling and enhance their physical and mental well-being. The success and positive impact of this project on the Deaf community was credited to the support received from sponsors, instructors, and participants.

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