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About ELREM Foundation

Building communities for
the Deaf & Disabled

The beginning

ELREM Foundation CIC was founded by siblings Dorothy Dady and Alan Reed in response to the devastating impact of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns on the micro-communities within our society. The Deaf & Disabled community faced immense challenges due to a lack of accessible information and inclusive environments or events.

Woman on a bike
two people standing in front of the banner with text 'Lea Rowing Club'

Our Mission

We have taken on the responsibility to create socially inclusive and accessible projects for the Deaf & Disabled community that promote new skills, stimulating environments, and shared experiences. Our events are designed to foster cohesive communities, and our ultimate goal is to create a world where people leave our events happier than when they joined them.

Building Strong, Resilient Communities

Promoting Mental and Emotional Well-being

Community engagement, mobilisation, and resilience are crucial for a cohesive society. Deaf & Disabled individuals are more likely to experience mental health problems, anxiety, and depression than the wider population.

More than one-in-ten adult Londoners are classified as having some form of impairment, which includes physical and mobility impairments, sensory impairments (sight and hearing loss), learning disabilities, cognitive impairment, and long-term mental ill health. Many disabled people have multiple impairments.

In London alone, there are over a million people with hearing loss, 175,000 people living with sight loss, and an estimated 469,000 people with a degree of mobility impairment.

people in an indoor rowing class
People cycling on a large lane

Creating Accessible and Inclusive Environments

Breaking Down Communication Barriers

The mental distress caused by repeatedly encountering communication barriers leads to what is known as ‘barrier fatigue.’ The effects include isolation, loss of confidence, and mental health concerns. Mere lip service is not enough to provide a socially inclusive environment. Many Deaf or Disabled members of society can feel overwhelmed by non-inclusive environments and events.

Cyclists and their bikes lined up with an instructor in front
Cyclists and their bikes lined up with an instructor in front

Fostering Resilience

Encouraging Support and Growth

Friendships, confidence, and role models are key to encouraging resilience within individuals. By providing moral, intellectual, and physical support, we can nurture the seeds of any community.

A white building labelled Lea Rowing Club

Join Us in Building a Better World

ELREM Foundation CIC is committed to taking responsibility and making a difference. We invite you to join us and play your part in creating a resilient, socially inclusive, and accessible world

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