ELREM Foundation Community Interest Company

Transforming Deaf and Disabled Lives in the UK

ELREM Foundation is a community interest company that empowers Deaf and Disabled individuals by providing physical activities, skill-building opportunities, and social connections.

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Join us in our events

DeafClub.London: Fun Bike Rides

Join us for free bike rides! Meet new people in London, enjoy scenic routes, improve wellbeing, and make new friends.

Feel the Beat: Drumming Circle

Join our accessible African drumming sessions funded by Heathrow Community Trust. Promoting inclusivity in the Deaf community. Details coming soon!

Inclusive Rowing for the Deaf & Disabled

Discover ELREM Foundation’s initiative for Inclusive Rowing for the Deaf & Disabled, supported by Sport England and UK Deaf Sport. Contact us for more details.

DeafClub.London Walking Sessions

Inviting all Deaf Londoners! Join DeafClub.London’s walking sessions. Build community spirit, enhance health, and break isolation together.

Who are we?

ELREM Foundation Community Interest Company

ELREM Foundation was founded in 2021 by siblings Dorothy Dady and Alan Reed who shared a vision of creating a more inclusive and accessible world for deaf and disabled individuals. Our mission is to empower the community by providing opportunities for physical activities, skill-building, and social connections. We believe that promoting mental well-being, empathy, and a united community can help drive change for deaf and disabled individuals in the UK.

Check out what our participants think

Cycling is beautiful, the instructors (Deaf Cycling) taught me things to improve confidence, building up my skills. Now I know how to indicate, left and right, how to observe my surroundings. Now I feel much better, I am able to ride in streets, parks and deal with crossroads/junctions. It’s been fantastic and the instructors have been great. I can’t thank them enough!



I found the Deaf Cycling group and it’s a really nice group of Deaf people. The Deaf community has events where we see and meet the same individuals but with Deaf Cycling these people I had never met before. Which was great, as we had a good time chatting, which contributed to a good sense of mental health. We cycled for one hour, which was brilliant, we all had a good yet fun time. In the future, I would like to see more Deaf people involved to grow this group, also for families and children to be involved.



I cycled before when I was small. I joined this group (Deaf Cycling) because I didn’t want to forget my cycling skills. The first time I came to Deaf Cycling, I was nervous, but both the lovely instructors really helped me from the low level, going step by step and slowly getting better and better. By the end I was really confident and happy. I would really like to come back again.



A lot of Deaf people came to me suffering from depression, home situations, work-life communication difficulties, I decided to set up a Wellbeing group every Tuesday. Someone told me about Deaf Cycling project and I thought of brilliant, accessible activities for Deaf people. My group was very excited. They really enjoyed the cycling session, built up their confidence and everyone was friendly. It was so nice to see them smiling.



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